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Vision & Mission

To be an accessible and efficient judiciary.

To provide independent and impartial justice and judicial services that are efficient and that earn the respect, trust and confidence of society.


Notice Board


TAKE NOTICE that the listing of civil cases for Hilary sitting of the High Court Lilongwe District Registry shall be held on the 11th April, 2014 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. In the Court Room No. 1 Priority shall be given to partly heard cases.


TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that counsel and plaintiffs wishing to have their matters set down for trial in the EASTER sitting MUST have a copy of the under listed documents:


1.Production of bundle of pleadings

2.Production of court bundle which shall include the following documents.

     (a)   Chronology of events

     (b)   Witness statements

     (c)    Skeleton arguments

     (d)   List of authorities

     (e)   All documentary evidence that you intend to rely on during trial.


3.An indication of consultation with the opposing counsel on the pro

Lawyers Admission

The Honourable the Chief Justice will today and tommorrow be admiiting new lawyers to the bar.

Online Cause Lists

Cause Lists are also available on the Judiciary website

HighCourt And Supreme Court Cause lists

All HighCourt and Supreme Court cause lists will be made available on a given fee starting from next session



Roles of the Judiciary

  • Review any law and any action or decision of the Government for conformity with the Constitution.
  • To hear and determine civil cases between individuals and other individuals or groups of persons or Institutions i.e. labour disputes, land matters, divorce.
  • To hear and determine civil cases between individuals or group of persons and the State e.g. unfair dismissal, unlawful imprisonment.
  • To hear and determine criminal cases e.g. theft, defilement, murder.