Malawi Institute of Legal Education Students visit the Supreme Court of Appeal

MILE Students Pose with the Justices of Appeal

Students from the Malawi Institute of Legal Education (MILE) on Thursday, 15 February, 2024 conducted an educational visit to the Supreme Court of Appeal for Malawi at Chichiri, in Blantyre.

During the visit, the 63 students had an opportunity to attend a court sitting of a criminal appeal case in open court that was presided over by 9 Justices of the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Thereafter, the students had an inspiration talk with Supreme Court of Appeal Justices namely, Hon. Justice Lovemore Chikopa SC JA, Hon. Justice Ivy Chatha Kamanga JA, and Hon. Justice Dorothy nyaKaunda Kamanga JA.

During the inspiration talk, the students had an opportunity to ask questions regarding their first-ever experience in the Supreme Court of Appeal sitting. In their responses to the questions, the Justices of Appeal dwelt much on points to help the students understand how matters are handled during a Supreme Court of Appeal sitting.

Speaking on behalf of the students, Ms. Jean Banda, a class representative, appreciated the Malawi Judiciary’s goodwill for allowing them to attend a Supreme Court of Appeal sitting. She added that the visit was an eye opener to them on how to effectively represent their clients in the highest court in the land once they are admitted to the Malawi Bar.

MILE was established in the year 2010 through the Legal Education and Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Act with the purpose of providing post graduate legal training in practical law courses to persons desiring to practice law in Malawi. Since the year 2018 when MILE become fully operational, a total of 210 students have successfully completed the course and are now serving the nation in various capacities in all arms of government and private sector.

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