Malawi Institute of Legal Education


a. Establishment

The Malawi Institute of Legal Education is created under the Legal Education and Legal Practitioners (Amendment) Act No. 25 of 2010, Part III A. Its function is basically to provide practical legal training and do other functions as may be directed by the Council from time to time.

b. Management structure

Section 6 D of the Act there shall be the office of Director of the Institute which shall be a public office. The Director shall be appointed by the Council and shall be a person who has knowledge of the law and has had experience. The Council also has power to appoint other officers of the institute.

At the moment Mr. BM Kalemba is holding the position in an acting capacity while Mr. Matapa Kacheche is acting as the Registrar

c. What has been done so far

One of the recommendations of the report by the special committee that went on study tour to Tanzania was that the institute should be immediately implemented and it was proposed that the institute should temporarily be hosted at the Malawi Institute of Management (MIM).

However the Council has settled for the Staff Development Institute as the temporary home for the Institute.

d. Opening of the Institute

It is expected that the Institute will roll out in the next financial year, if all goes according to plan precisely in August, 2017.