Subordinate Courts

Brief On Subordinate Courts

There are four types of subordinate courts namely: Industrial Relations Court, Magistrate Courts, Child Justice Courts and Local Courts.

Industrial Relations Court

The Industrial Relations Court (IRC) is established under Section 110 of the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi and the jurisdiction, composition and structure of this court is provided for in the Labour Relations Act, 1996 (Cap 54:01).

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Magistrate Courts

Magistrate Courts are established under section 110 of the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi as read with Section 33 of the Courts Act. The Courts Act provides for the structure,    

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Child Justice Court

The Child Justice Court is established under section 132 of the Child Care, Protection and Justice Act (Cap. 26:03). The Child Justice Court, which has original jurisdiction over child related matters, or such other matters as may be prescribed by law, is subordinate to the High Court. .

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Local Courts

Section 110(3) of the Constitution provides for the establishment of local courts. Such courts have since been established under Section 4 of the Local Courts Act of 2011, and they are subordinate to the High Court. The Judiciary is in the process of operationalizing local courts on a phased basis.

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