Chief Justice Conducts Quality Assurance Visit to Courts

The Honourable Chief Justice Rizine Mzikamanda, SC has embarked on an inspection program of courts to appreciate the status of court business, engage court officials in their work stations, and interact with court users accessing the court services.

The Chief Justice is monitoring aspects of facility management, records management, court technology, client service, staff motivation, accessibility, furniture and equipment to reinforce quality and ensure modern court management. His office is keen to appreciate first-hand the opportunities and challenges being faced by the courts system in the post-covid era. The service quality monitoring exercise is also in line with the implementation of the 2019-24 Judiciary Strategic Plan.

Marking his first visit on 3rd June, he inspected the Supreme Court of Appeal, High Court Registries and the Magistrate Courts at Chichiri Courthouse. He also toured operations in the Administration and Human Resources, Sheriff and Law Reporting offices housed in the court building.

Accompanied by the Supreme Court Principal Administrator Mr. Kenneth Isaac and His Honour Kamisa, The Chief Justice has also made dynamic visits to Mzuzu High Court, the new registry for Mzuzu Commercial Division, Chief Resident Magistrate Court North, Child Justice Court, Industrial Relations Court North, Mangochi and Kasungu Magistrates’ Courts.

During his interaction with court officials, the Chief Justice described the court situation as impressive and expressed high expectations for judicial services that are responsive and commensurate with resources deployed to the Judiciary.

Court officials have hailed the visits as a symbol of good leadership and an assurance of support for his team by the head of the judiciary. Most people have admitted that his visibility is critical and influential for the Judiciary’s business.

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