Induction for Judges and Senior Resident Magistrates

The Judiciary with support from the European Union funded Chilungamo Programme requested funding to support the training for newly appointed Judges and Magistrates. Since Judicial Officers are often appointed as need for them in the system arises, due to the resource challenge they are often not inducted to prepare for dissemination of their duties. However, funds from the Chilungamo Programme have made it possible to ensure that Judges and Magistrates more ably discharge their duties and become accustomed to important principles in the operations of the courts. This facilitates quality of justice that is received by the court users.

The opening of the training was graced with the presence of the Hon. The Chief Justice, Hon. Judge Chairperson of the Judiciary Training Committee, Judge Chairperson of Malawi Judiciary Development Programme and the Hon. Registrar. In his key note address, the Hon. The Chief Justice stressed on the mandate of the Judiciary which is to interpret the law. ‘The Judiciary is the guardian of the Constitution in that it has the responsibility of interpreting, protecting and enforcing the Constitution and all laws in it, in an independent and impartial manner, with regard to legally relevant facts and the prescriptions of law’.

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