Chief Justice Recognised as Champion of Rule of Law

Prof. Richard Mkandawire Presenting the certificate to Chief Justice Mzikamanda, SC

The Honourable the Chief Justice of the Republic of Malawi, Rizine R. Mzikamanda, SC was on 11th November, 2022 handed a certificate of recognition by the National Planning Commission. It was in recognition of his being an epitome and champion of the rule of law, a key tenet in the Malawi 2063.

The function took place in the auditorium at the Malawi Judiciary’s headquarters in the commercial city of Blantyre. It was attended by Justices of Appeal led by Justice Frank E. Kapanda, SC, Judges of the High Court led by Judge President, Justice John M. Chirwa, the Deputy Registrar of the High Court of Malawi and Supreme Court of Appeal for Malawi, Registrar of the Industrial Relations Court, Resident Magistrates, Deputy Chief Courts Administrator and other support staff of the Malawi Judiciary.

The certificate of recognition was presented to the Honourable the Chief Justice by the chairperson of the National Planning Commission, Professor Richard Mkandawire.

“In presenting the Certificate, the Commission hopes that you will be further encouraged to do more and be ready to facilitate delivery of timely justice so we can achieve the Malawi we want, much earlier” Mkandawire said in his remarks.

In his acceptance speech, Chief Justice Mzikamanda, thanked the Commission for its thoughtfulness to accord him and the Malawi Judiciary, the high honour of Malawi 2063 champion.

“We have studied the terms of reference for the Malawi 2063 champions and we find them acceptable and doable. We commit ourselves to the ideals of Malawi 2063 and are ready to join in the noble cause for a better tomorrow for mother Malawi” Chief Justice Mzikamanda said.

As the bulwark of the rule of law in Malawi, the Chief Justice committed that the Malawi Judiciary will remain at the forefront in the administration of justice according to law and that the recognition had given them as an institution the necessary impetus and momentum to serve the people of Malawi better.

The Commission offered to provide the necessary technical support to the Malawi Judiciary in helping it continue to effectively champion a self-reliance vision and promotion of intergenerational policies and programmes.


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