Judiciary’s Inaugural Wellness Talk

Inaugural Wellness Talk

The Judiciary held an inaugural wellness talk at the High Court in Blantyre on Friday 25th March 2022. The Honourable the Chief Justice, Rizine R. Mzikamanda, SC graced the occasion and, in his remarks, he highlighted the importance of the talk stating that it was aimed at helping with the pressure judicial officers and members of staff face at work and in their lives, in general.  He urged judicial officers and members of staff to participate in such events for better performance of the institution. The Honourable the Chief Justice expressed his wish for the wellness talks to be taken to various court centres beyond Blantyre.

In attendance were Judges of the Supreme Court of Appeal, led by the Judge President, Honourable Justice of Appeal L. Chikopa, SC; Judges of the High Court led by the Judge President, Honourable Justice S. Kalembera, the Chief Court Administrator, administrators and members of staff. The talk was broadcasted on zoom to other judges from Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu District Registries of the High Court.

Wellness talks were delivered by Dr. Kaziwone Kulisewa and Dr. Tamala Phiri who are both experienced lecturers from the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (formerly College of Medicine, University of Malawi) and practicing medical doctors at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital. In his talk on mental wellness, Dr Kulisewa highlighted the causes, risk factors and warning signs of depression which is one of the leading mental illnesses in Malawi. His talk also dealt with how individuals can recognize depression in themselves and in others. Dr. Tamala Phiri centred her talk on general health and wellness, emphasizing the need for individuals to stop harmful practices and instead invest in their health by adopting good health habits.


It is envisaged that in the near future the wellness program will be escalated to the regional, district and satellite centers. More activities are expected to be included in the program such as subscription to fitness centers and designation of a wellness day when officers will be allowed time off work to participate in various sporting activities aimed at maintaining physical fitness.


Mr. Nyasulu and Ms. Ngwira from liberty health insurance also interacted with Honourable Judges on liberty health’s products.

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