Chief Justice Promises To Lead a Corrupt-Free Judiciary

Chief Justice Promises To Lead a Corrupt-Free Judiciary

New Chief Justice Rizine Mzikamanda, SC has placed corruption prevention among his top priorities and is committed to supporting the implementation of anti-corruption programs which constitute an imminent and credible threat to the Judiciary. A former Director-General of the Malawi Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Chief Justice observed that corruption and fraud in the Judiciary undermine the fabric of justice administration, and pose a threat to good governance and the rule of law in the country. The Chief Justice has undertaken to invest sufficient resources to ensure that the Judiciary deals with corruption and fraud in its service delivery. He called upon all judicial officers and staff to uphold the integrity standards of the institution.

Led by Chairperson Justice Chirwa, the JIIC briefed the Chief Justice on its activities to combat corruption in all its forms and manifestations in the institution and the tools for promoting ethical behaviour in the Judiciary. Besides partnering the Anti-Corruption Bureau in line with the Malawi National Anti-Corruption Strategy II, the Committee has developed a Memorandum of Understanding with the NICE Trust to raise public awareness of court procedures. The committee is currently reviewing the 2016 Corruption and Fraud Prevention Policy for the Judiciary to make it more effective. JIIC comprises the following members;

1. Justice John Chirwa of the High Court Criminal Division

2. Justice Zione Ntaba of the High Court Zomba Registry

3. Her Honour Edna Bodole of the Supreme Court of Appeal

4. His Worship Mankhanamba of Nsanje Magistrate Court

5. Mr. Kenneth Isaac, Principal Court Administrator for the Supreme Court of Appeal

6. Mr. Peter Magwanyama, Head of Judiciary Internal Audit

7. Mrs. Mary Mthunzi, Judiciary Law Clerk.


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